“Sit - In” with the Jamboree Band

For Accepted Band Members

“Sit In” with the Band

If you are a jamboree participant or a JST staff member, there will be several opportunities to rehearse and perform with the Jamboree Band.  Be sure to bring your instrument folio and lyre .  Everyone welcome, no auditions, no age limit, no cost.

Registration has closed.

If you are coming to the Jamboree and would still like to play with the band, contact the director George Pinchock at Pinchock@aol.com


                                                             Click here for Repertoire

Questions?  Contact the band director George Pinchock at Pinchock@aol.com.  This is a non-binding commitment. Even if you don’t sign up now, you can still be a part.  But we hope that you’ll sign up so we can get you music in advance.


Photos from a “Sit-In” with the Band event at the 2017 Jamboree.